Color Pencil-Foolish

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FOOLISH (rosy mauve) 

  • Add a natural, healthy pop of color to your lips using the side of the pencil to stain your pout.
  • Get a hold of our creamy Colour Pencils for powerfully pigmented colour that glides on and slays on.
  • From on-point neutrals to beyond-bold gems, you’ll never run out of ways to line and define your eyes and lips.
  • Go on and draw some attention your way. We dare you!


• Create the perfect smoky eye by smudging a darker shade across the lid and blending up to the crease.
• Define your lips by lining above your natural lip line with a lighter shade, tapering in as you reach the corners.
• Plump up the lower lip by lining outside the centre of the bottom lip.
• Create an ombre lip by grabbing two different coloured pencils. The darker shade will define the lip line and the lighter one will fill in for a killer highlight.